I studied sculpture - primarily metal work techniques - for three years at Loughborough College of Art & Design, which was a fantastic learning experience and one which has helped to form the work I produce today. I tend to visualize ideas three dimensionally and therefore, although I always research images thoroughly, it is not until I start to weld the armature/structure together that I fully formulate my ideas.

I use 3mm or steel rod to create the structure. This is an organic process, as the pieces grow and expand gradually through intuitive decision making. My pieces are modified constantly and I will often cut up the structures with an angle grinder and re-weld them to establish the correct proportions. My original sculptural structures were covered with 2-3mm plate steel; however, more recently, I have started to explore the versatility of textile based methods.

This is an incredibly powerful medium with visually stunning results. Textile based techniques can create an exciting surface quality because rich colours and fantastic texture can be represented far more intensely than any other medium.

I particularly enjoy incorporating flat backgrounds with sculptural foregrounds. The backgrounds give each piece a location, setting or habitation. In each case, the methods may vary considerably; from representational painting in oil paints or acrylics to abstract compositions showing multiple concepts of a chosen subject.

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